Central Office, Mastihari, Kos
22420 59124 Fax: 22420 59125

Board’s Message

The Anonymous Shipping Company of Mastihari (ANEM) has began her course aiming in the non stop connection between the islands of Kalymnos and Kos and in the aid of other businessmen and workers.
From 1990 where began our first boat, daily are trafficked in with safety and reliability locals but also visitors of our islands so much either for work or for vacations.
Our objective is as long as possible better service of passenger, making the travel as pleasant we can, but always filling the National and International legislation that concerns the safety of human life and the protection of marine environment.
We thank the passengers where all these the years surround us with love and we’re looking forward to give them back daily with all our good and qualitative services.


Tiliakos Sakellarios
Managing Director