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Corporate Policy

Statement of Company’s Policy on issues for the Safety and Protection of the Environment

  • The Anonymous Shipping Company of Mastihari (ANEM) declares her engagement in the rules and the regulations of System of Sure Management and guarantees for the application below reported with regard to the Safety and Protection of the Environment.
  • The protection of human life in the sea from known and concrete dangers and the guarantee healthy and sure conditions of work of crew.
  • Utilisation specialised and certified medically crew on the boats, so as to is suitable for the work which it is intended.
  • The maintenance of Equipment of Safety in good situation as also the biggest familiarization of crew in the use of this equipment.
  • The frequent tests on the boats of the Company with use of equipment of safety at every concrete danger.
  • The established from the Company processes for sure Navigation and the in general safety of boat.
  • The assurance that the personnel of boat is realised in the subjects of protection at the pollution and is aware and person in charge for energies adversely in all the types of pollution, as required by the National and International Regulations.
  • The encouragement of the crew to takes all the essential measures for the reject of pollution.
  • The confrontation of pollution via drawing of confrontation of pollution.
  • The report in the Management of the Company of each cause of not conformity relative with the pollution.
  • The realisation of tests in regular intervals.