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Tickets policy


Ticket cancellations or conversion of tickets to an open date.

1/1 to 12/31
*Up to 30 minutes after the ticket is issued, you have the right to cancel a ticket, whether it is a trip on the same day or a different one, without cancellation fees.
*Up to one hour before the departure of the boat, tickets are canceled with a 50% cancellation fee.
*You do not have the right to change to open after the departure of the boat and the change to open takes place up to one hour before the departure of the boat and only once.
*Tickets can remain open until the end of the year they were issued.

*Tickets are only canceled by issuing agencies. They cannot be canceled over the phone. Those interested should hand over the tickets to the issuing agency.

*In case of loss of the ticket, it is NOT possible to cancel it and refund the price. A new ticket is required to board the passenger.