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Terms of Travel


The ticket is personal, cannot be transmitted and is valid only for the seat and the trip that it has been issued.

The holder, should keep the ticket until the end of the journey.

In case the passenger keeps safely his personal belongings, the shipping company is not held responsible for any loss or damage.

Things of value and money could be delivered to the accountant officer for storage.

Passenger should apply to the captain’s instructions and the crew instructions, when these refer to safety and order of the ship.

For any complaints during the trip, passenger should contact the captain or the deputy captain and afterwards refer to the management of the shipping company or the Port Authorities.

Passengers who wish to travel with pets should mention it during the ticket issuing and accept the measures that the Port Authorities apply, regarding the hygiene, safety and regulations of the shipping company.

Also passengers with pets have the total and exclusive responsibility against other passengers when carrying animals.

Passenger is aware of the above terms and accepts these terms unreservedly upon issuing of the ticket.


The driver is obligated to load and unload the vehicle by following the instructions of the crew.

The driver does not have the right to be refunded in case the ship has sailed, and in case the driver notifies of his intentions of not loading the vehicle deserves refund of half the cost.

In case of loss of vehicles loading receipt, driver does not have the right for refund.

The passenger of the vehicle is obligated to disembark of the vehicle during the journey.

Loading explosive and other dangerous material inside vehicle is prohibited.

The priority line for loading the vehicles is set according to the Port regulations of the region that the loading is done.

The passengers of the vehicles should remove all the necessary belongings during the trip, as the garage is sealed off during the journey.

The driver and holder of the ticket, has been informed of the above terms and conditions and accepts them unreservedly upon issuing.